We are the place to come when you feel stuck on the road of life.

Are you dealing with a health concern you can't seem to get past?

Are you hitting Roadblock after Roadblock on the way to your dreams?

Do you need to take a U-Turn?

We can help!

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We know a thing or two about navigating health issues after being in private practices for as long as we have!!

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We love what we do and we want this to be a place for you visit over and over to navigate your health and healing.

We focus on 4 Pillars:
  1. We teach you how to get in the Driver's Seat of your life.
  2. We show you how to turn your ROADBLOCKS into your ROADMAP.
  3. We provide ROADSIDE ASSISTANCE and help you TROUBLESHOOT what's going on.
  4. And when the ENGINE LIGHT is going off on your DASHBOARD, we teach you how to NAVIGATE your health and healing.

"The key to health and healing is creating a life you love." Drs. Kelley & Kemmy

"Dr. Kemmy has a heart of gold. There is no one she won’t help or give everything in her power to help. She takes the time to listen and understand your issues for a comprehensive solution for you. Her vast knowledge from education and experience with the human anatomy is the reason she is my doctor and go to person for any question about health. Dr. Kemmy has helped me over the span of about 15 years with personal health and emotional support."- Emily B.

"Dr. Kel has a vast knowledge of the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of well-being. This is reflected in the classes she teaches, consultations she offers and all other interactions with her. This knowledge is from decades of education, teaching and her own personal experience. I’ve known Dr. Kel for over a decade and she has rescued me from the perils of an imbalanced system. She can effectively determine imbalances using her Body Scan Technique and reset my body according to her expertise. She leaves me feeling enlightened and positive.  Dr. Kel teaches from the heart, with passion in her voice and a genuine caring attitude."- Emily